Post Abortion Counseling

When a girl needs post-abortive counseling we connect her with a counselor that has taken an advanced post abortion counseling seminar. Many of our counselors are post-abortive and understand the journey post-abortive women must go through in order to heal. With love and support our counselors will walk the journey with her.

About Our Counselors

Our counselors use only clinic quality pregnancy tests, with a 99.9% accuracy rate. All of our counselors are pro-life Christians, and will give the client all the information she needs to make good choices. The counselor will help her work through her emotions and help her to recognize her strengths. Often when a person is facing a crisis it’s hard for them to see all their options and all the possibilities. LifeSaver Ministries believes that if we focus on the mother, we’ll win the baby by default.

LifeSaver Ministries does not encourage their counselors to use graphic abortion pictures while counseling with a client. We believe that when a girl sees fetal development pictures and understands the abortion procedures, graphic pictures are not necessary for her to make the connection.

All of our counselors rely on the Holy Spirit’s leading as they counsel, and look for open doors to introduce the client to Christ.


Confused? Think no one cares? We care, and we want to help. Life can be hard. Sometimes things happen that we don’t expect, and sometimes we just make bad choices. We’ve all been there. If you’re struggling for any reason right now, we want to help. We’ve been there, and we care.

Do you think you might be pregnant?

Are you pregnant and wondering what to do?

Are you struggling after having an abortion?

Is it hard to care for your little one?


As a post-abortive woman, I’ve felt for years that I can’t speak of this pain and regret in my life. To have my church begin to talk about abortion has brought me and others so much healing and I know it is helping to keep others from making that regrettable choice. Knowledge is power.

Finding out I was pregnant was so scary. I really didn’t know what to do. When I went to the Soulutions center they helped me to know that I’m not alone and have helped me so much. Now I can’t imagine my life without my daughter.
–this place is a life saver.